Examine the factors which suggests that gender roles are becoming more equal.

Topics: Gender role, Sociology, Feminism Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Examine the factors which suggests that gender roles are becoming more equal. (24 marks). The domestic division of labour refers to the roles that men and women undertake in relation to housework , paid work and childcare. Functionalists like Parsons argues that the clear division of labour is "natural"as the roles are biologically determined; men with the breadwinner-instrumental role and women with the housewife, expressive role. However some sociologists argues that there is a long term trend towards joint conjugal roles an the symmetrical family and away from segregated conjugal roles. However, feminists sociologist would reject this and would argue that the DOL and gender role stays unequal as the family as an institution remains patriarchal. Feminist are also critical of the functionalist view and argues that it is not natural as it is not found in every society, and instead argues that it is a social construct. Some sociologists would argue that increased opportunities for women in work is a major factor. Women now are becoming more financially independent from their husbands. If women are at work they cannot perform domestic chores by themselves and hence their husbands begin to shoulder housework. In support of the view that gender roles are becoming more equal,Man Yee-Kun also found that the more women earned the less housework they did. However , an alternative theory to gender roles becoming more equal due to paid work , was developed by a feminist sociologist Ferri and Smith who stated that employment oppresses women more as women have to do more work : paid work and house work which is termed as the 'dual burden'. Women becomes confined in and outside their homes. Gershuny's case study have also been used to lend further weight ; it was found that despite full-time employment , women still performed 73% of the housework.However the extent of reliability of this figure is questionable i.e. When interviewees are asked who performs domestic roles...
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