Examine the factors affecting power relationships and division of labour between couples

Topics: Domestic violence, Husband, Wife Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Examine the factors affecting power relationships and division of labour between couples. (24 marks)

Decision-making and control over finances
~ Edgell: study of professional couples found that men are more likely to make the important financial decisions because they earn the most money making women economically dependent on their husbands and subservient ~ Hardill et al: found in dual-earner professional couples that the man’s career would often take priority over the women’s especially when deciding to move home for work (due to men being financially dominant) ~ Pahl and Vogler: found that there were two types of control over family income- pooling and allowance system. Pooling was on the increase especially in couples who both work full time (however men ultimately made the final decision)

Social class
~ Barrett and McIntosh: men generally only give financial support that comes with strings attached and men usually make the most important decisions ~ Kempson: in low income families (working class) women will often go without while men get a larger share ~ Silver, Schor: commercialisation of housework means that those from a more wealthy family can afford goods that make housework easier e.g. microwaves, freezers In many low income households, women are not entitled to a share of household resources

Women’s paid employment and impact of feminism
~ Gershuny: women who were in full time paid employment only did 73% of housework whereas women who did not work at all did 83% of housework duties ~ Men-Yee Khan: found that better paid and better educated females did less housework. For every £10,000 increase in a women’s income, they did 2 hours less work a week ~ Sullivan: analysed statistical data fro 70s to 90s and found men participating more in ‘traditional’ female domestic tasks like washing up and ironing. ~ Willmott and Young: Roles of husband and wife are more equal: women work as well as men, men help with the housework and childcare,...
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