Examine the Extent to Which Changing Speed and Capacity of Different Methods of Transport Contributes to Globalization

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In the world we’re living in now, globalization processes have been supported by improvements in transport technology. Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the worldviews, products, ideas and other aspects of culture. Speed is one of the big factors that relates to the increase speed of many transport modes. The distance decay suggested that areas that are closer together are more likely to interact, whereas further away countries will less likely interact. Some modes of transport are more competitive over a certain distance. For example, ocean transport is very competitive compared to other transport over long distance, due to very low operating cost. Using air transport would have an advantage of being faster over long distances, there will also be limited congestion and it is also a good for high value transport, such as, high technology industries and urgent cargo.

Since the start of air transport, the coverage and number of destination have increased rapidly and massively. In year 1914, the first flight was launched and carried only a few passengers; it went across the bay from Tampa and St. Petersburg (in Florida, USA), which was only distance around for 25km. After World War 1, the first international passenger air transport service was launched in between England and France. European government also established passenger airlines. The American government wanted to contribute in airmail and to encourage its use to other countries, this was the first commercial use of air travel and it linked cities and towns together due to the many destinations. America airmail has then developed into the first major American airline. Before World War 2 happened, the first airplane was built (Douglas DC-3) which could fly profitably without any government contributes, making it vital in the development of air transport coverage. Long haul flying boats were used during World War 2 to fly across intercontinental routes, however, they...
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