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 Examine the cosmological argument for the existence of God? The key idea in cosmological arguments is that the world, the universe, and everything in them are dependent on something other than themselves for their existence. In other words, cosmological arguments attempt to justify God's existence on the assumption that nothing can come from nothing, and that God must exist in order for anything to be here. Although the cosmological argument was expressed by Aquinas it was originally introduced and influenced by Aristotle. Aristotle stated ‘the series must start with something since nothing can come from nothing’. This suggests that Aristotle believed that the creation of universe is dependent on a supreme, ultimate primary mover, and is therefore an ‘unmoved mover’. Overall it is the vital cause of the creation of the universe, and is identified in Christianity as God. Aristotle persuaded this using the idea of planet motion which he highlighted as the cause of the change of seasons. For this transformation to happen, it required an ‘unmoved mover’ who would be capable of upholding order of the universe during the alterations. Aquinas used this concept as the labour of God. 

Thomas Aquinas developed Aristotle’s ideas and offered the ‘Five Ways’ which have the aim to prove the existence of God. Three of the five form the cosmological argument. The first way is motion, the second is cause and the third is necessity and contingency. 

Aquinas proposed the way of motion through the idea that in the world some things are in motion and whatever is moved is moved by another. He argued that it is impossible for something to be both mover and moved. Motion is therefore a change of state and is not just movement in time and space from one place to another.

In the case of the kalam cosmological argument, the distinction drawn between the universe and God is that the universe has a beginning in time. Everything that has a beginning in time, the kalam cosmological...
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