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My recent purchase was a laptop HP Pavilion x360. Buying a computer is similar to buying a car, examining the right type for the right purpose, it’s not just about how expensive or cool it looks but also what’s under the hood. Education in my school IAU, relays a lot on using a computer with access to the internet. Computers are used every day, by administrative staff, lecturers and students. The internet and computers at large now play an integral part in the learning process so much so, that it is quite difficult to complete any course without access to a pc and the internet. Regardless of whether its faculty or student, both rely on the use of computers to accomplish their respective tasks. Thereby my main reason to buy a laptop was a studying MBA program at IAU school.

With such a large a variety of brands to choose from such as Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, Nec, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Mac, and Acer to name a few , when purchasing the pc which is best suited for my needs it was quite confusing and difficult to even decide on a brand . That’s without taking into consideration the more important factors , like the processor speed , web browsing capabilities, size of hard drive and RAM ; random access memory, among other things. This decision shouldn’t be made rashly to avoid the distress of purchasing a pc for which I will have no use. So I decided to take my boyfriend with me to go and help me to choose a right laptop for my studying needs. I explained him my situation and based on his experience with computers, he picked me HP pavillion x360 for a very good price.

HP Pavilion X360 is a very good-looking device and it's complitely match my self-concept ideas. The laptop looks very feminine and glamourious, Its 'brilliant red' colour outer shell that has a satin sparkle texture and a soft matter finish that helps protect against fingerprints. The silver coloured metallic HP logo sits right in the middle. In...
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