Examine Key Concepts of Leadership in Your Place of Business - Paper

Topics: Leadership, Management, Servant leadership Pages: 18 (5774 words) Published: August 23, 2014

Examine Key Concepts of Leadership in Your Place of Business - Paper

Ashford 6: - Week 5 – Final Paper

David W. Barnes

MGT380: Leadership for Organizations (BIC1319A)

Instructor:  Vicki Long

5 June 2013

Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy and a set of leadership practices. The servant-leader is trained to be a servant first. Many companies are controlled by the leader at top of the organization. And if you are lucky that your company is controlled by a servant-leader who shares his power and puts others first, then I think you are very luck to work for a place like this, especially in this day and age. The servant-leader does help want to help people develop and the leader does what the employee to perform at their high expectations. They naturally have the feeling to serve people. I have been trained to do just that threw out my career, I have answered a many of phone calls with customers on the other side of the phone who were distressed and needed my help to get their product up and running. I think this has helped me become a leader and I want to step up even more in my life. I think I have grown as a person from helping others.

In the past fifteen years the servant-leadership concept has continued to grow. Robert Greenleaf’s visionary theory is just beginning to catch up with the times and the practice is exploding. The theory is having a growing influence on the people and their workplaces. Servant-leadership is an emerging approach to leadership and service.

Companies are moving away from the old traditional thinking that employees are just objects in their company, and there is a much better way to lead and manage our people within our organizations.

A third application of servant-leadership concerns its deepening role in community leadership organizations across the country. A growing number of community leadership groups are using Greenleaf Center resources as part of their own education and training efforts. Some have been doing so for more than twenty years. M. Scott Peck, who has written about the importance of building true community, says the following in A World Waiting to Be Born: “In his work on servant-leadership, Greenleaf posited that the world will be saved if it can develop just three truly well-managed, large institutions—one in the private sector, one in the public sector, and one in the nonprofit sector. He believed—and I know—that such excellence in management will be achieved through an organizational culture of civility routinely utilizing the mode of community.” (2004, Jossey-Bass.)

I’m the Vice President of the Homeowner Association Board within my community of five-hundred and thirty one homes. My position is a volunteer position and I have been on the board for the past five years. And I do believe that you have to give back to the community. I was treasure of the board the past four years and was just elected as Vice President in April 2013. The board that I serve on does put our community and the people who live in it first. We have sent out many newsletters, blast e-mails, community board, a community web site, phone calls, HOA meets once a month and an annual meeting letter to all homeowners. The HOA board does try very hard to keep our community informed of what is going on with the board’s actions. I would call what we do for our community is a servant leadership that does emphasizes at taking care of our community first and the people. All the members of the board do set this as our number one priority.

I hate to brag, but the truth is that I have come up with many projects in our community. One of the projects that I came up with was install lights in our pathways to help protect our children. Our grade school is right in the middle of our community. The walkway paths were very dark, and my wife being a teacher at the grade school was coming home late at night, especially in the winter months when it gets dark early....
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