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Most education systems rely on examinations to encourage children to study, but as a result children suffer from too much stress and they never learn to be creative. Therefore, examinations should be abolished. Do you agree?

If any student were asked whether he would like examinations to be abolished or not, nine out of ten would readily answer “Yes.” It is true that most students cringe from tests, but it is a fact that exams are an indispensable tool for education. Tests not only help students to review the lessons but also measure their abilities, thus encourage them to learn effectively. Therefore, examinations should not be nullified. First, tests motivate the learners to review what they have been taught. No matter how attentive or hard working a student is, he still needs the tests to strengthen his learning materials. The pressure to do well on a test will induce him to review his lessons carefully, and maybe do some further research to expand his knowledge. On the other hand, if there were no test at all, there would be no pressure, and a plethora of students would just give the lectures a cursory glance. It is doubtful whether their brains can absorb all the information with such a perfunctory effort. Second, examinations are the measurement of the students’ ability and diligence. Until now, teachers have been relying on testing systems as the ultimate means of evaluating and recording students’ academic performance. Though this system may winnow out a few unfortunate talents, it is generally an effective indicator of the learners’ knowledge, and nothing else has surpassed it. At the same time, students can also benefit from the tests, since tests highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Then, they know how to improve themselves for the next examination. The people of the opposing view would argue that students have to endure stress because of the tests. However, a little stress is said to be good for them, since it keeps them learning. Besides,...
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