Examination of Male and Female Facebook Profiles

Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 26, 2012
While examining profile characteristics of male and female accounts in Facebook, I found many distinguishing factors among each gender’s account. In searching things like photo albums, comments, likes, and other various contents, a lot of information was acquired. From my findings, it is quite easy to distinguish between male and female profiles; each has general forms and styles.

It is clear, among searching several female accounts, that ladies really keep up with their social connections. They seem to upload larger amounts of information. Females tended to have excess amounts of friends and photos. Many photos are tagged and many have comments. Accounts in the female persuasion seem positive, upbeat, caring, cute, loving, observant, and intuitive. There are lots of family related posts and pictures. Kids were on every female profile that I searched. Girls have interests on Facebook involving books, cooking, health, diet, environment appreciation, scenery embracement, beauty, pets, romantic relationships, fun friend relationships, etc. A vibe of happiness is felt in the midst of female profiles. When looking at photo albums, one will see many hugs and fun times. The women tend to discuss and tell about trips and also show appreciation for beauty regarding natural scenery and art. Animals are also big on female profiles. Old TV shows and cartoons that can be fun to discuss are also common in female Facebooks. Females utilize many social interactions on Facebook. Females have as much fun and information sharing as possible.

In the male accounts, there are fewer friends and photos, and profiles are overall more individual. Men do not show as much concern for upholding statuses to others and maintaining relationships. Boys also show more reckless behavior and adventurous fun. Many profiles show things like parties, concerts, bonfires, and stunts on bikes, ATVs, etc. Sport related activities and events are almost always discussed on a male’s account. A couple...
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