Examination of Imc in B2B

Topics: Marketing, Business-to-business, Business-to-consumer Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: November 19, 2009
Examination of IMC in B2B

(1) Summarize this article:
The focus of this article is IMC (integrated marketing communication), which is a communication attempt that uses one consistent message to reach a diverse audience. This article also attempts to establish an understanding of IMC and its boundaries. Focus of IMC has mainly been seen in B2C markets but it is becoming visible that small B2B firms find this concept necessary for cost savings. A narrow perspective of IMC was defined by Phelps and Johnson, stating that IMC is the “integration of promotional tools,” used to “receive maximum impact from minimum investment.” Pickton and Hartley defined the broader perspective of IMC, and it “suggests that integration of all business operations is required in order to realize IMC objectives and achieve a competitive advantage.” This article also focus on the “Tasmanian Light Shipbuilding Cluster (TLSC),” who used IMC techniques for B2B relations. TLSC consists of shipbuilders from Tasmania who worked with the Tasmanian government to create IMC to generate business internationally. This cluster developed from a group of Tasmanian shipbuilders who went to Japan and could not sell their products because they could not generate a single message to the Japanese buyers about their product. This resulted in the loss of the Japanese market to New Zealanders with a more strategic united message. The Tasmanian shipbuilders realized they needed help and turned to their government as a stakeholder. This joint partnership has survived since 1996. The analysis showed that firms needed “to be informed of benefits according to a broader view of IMC theory.”

(2) What is the main contribution/findings of this article to the B2B industry? This article mainly contributes to B2B by suggesting that in order for B2B companies to thrive and save on costs they need to establish IMC. Business communication and establishing relationships can be made simpler if firms can...
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