Exam: Tropical Cyclone and Atmospheric Pressure

Topics: Tropical cyclone, Wind, Precipitation Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: March 8, 2013
You exam will have 60 multiple choice questions worth 1 pt each and 4 essay questions worth 10 points each for a total of 100 points. Review Exam 2
Underlined= possible essay questions.
Chapter 5
1. In a pressure gradients winds will move winds from ____ pressure to ____pressure. 2. Know the movements for a cyclone and anticyclone in both hemispheres. 3. What is atmospheric pressure?

4. What device is used to measure atmospheric pressure?
5. What is the relationship between atmospheric pressure and elevation? 6. What is altitude sickness and wh  at is it caused by? 7. What do the isobars on a map look like when the pressure gradient is strong? 8. What are a land breeze, sea breeze, valley breeze, and mountain breeze and what time of day does each occur? 9. What is a Santa Ana wind and what dangers does it pose here in Southern California? 10. What is the cause of the Coriolis effect? In what direction does the Coriolis effect deflect winds and ocean currents in both hemispheres? 11. What 3 forces act on cyclones and anticyclones? Describe each force. 12. What 2 forces act on upper atmosphere winds?

13. What is a geostrophic wind?
14. What global winds and global pressure zones are associated with Hadley cell circulation? 15. In what zone do the trade winds converge?
16. Describe a summer monsoon flow?
17. What is a Rossby wave?
18. What is a jet stream?
19. Be able to label the direction of a pressure gradient on an isobar map. 20. Be able to label the global surface winds and pressure belts on a global map. (Figure 5.13)page 135 21. Describe El Nino conditions and two potential results of El Nino. 22. What influences ocean circulation?

Chapter 6
1. What is an air mass?
2. What major criteria is used to identify air masses.
3. Be familiar with the air masses that affect North American and the location of the source region on a map (pg. 156, Fig. 6.3). 4. Know the air masses of the world and their...
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