Exam of clinical Psychology

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Examination of Clinical Psychology
Gerber Pineda
University of Phoenix Ontario, CA
Mathew Hicks
November 4, 2013

EXAMINATION OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 2 Examination of Clinical Psychology

Psychology has continued to evolve and transform through out history. In addition, clinical psychology's history spans from Greek philosophers to what modern clinical psychology is today. Furthermore the history of clinical psychology will be examined to get an understanding of the evolving nature of psychology. Furthermore, the essential roles of research and statistics in association with clinical psychology will be analyzed to further understand the relationship between them. Finally, the research conducted will analyze the differences between clinical psychology and other mental health professions in the field. History and Evolving Nature

Early clinical psychology was utilized in school labratories between the 1850's and 1900's (Pickren, 2009). Furthermore, Lightner Witmer was an American psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania who decided to treat a young child who had difficulty spelling. Furthermore, after succesfully treating the child the University of Pennsylvania opened a psychological clinic in 1986 and was knowned as a specialized clinic in treating learning disabilities. Furthermore, in 1907 Witmer created the first journal of clinical psychology called “The Psychological Clinic”. Finally, in the beginning stages of the new field of psychology Witmer was not strongly followed and it was not until 1914 when 26 psychological clinics were established in the United States. The creation of the Army Aplha and Army Beta intelligence tests during The First World War dislayed a promising future in the field of clinical psychology (Pickren, 2009). Furthermore, the success of the Army Alpha and Army Beta assesments that tested verbal and non-verbal skills placed assesment as the main discipline of clinical psychology. Furthermore, the American EXAMINATION OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 3 Association of Clinical Psychology was created in 1917 and was in existance for two years. Finally, the American Psychological Association (APA) recognized the discipline and created a section solely on clinical psychology. When The Second World War (WWII) began the military requested the assistance of clinical psychologist in evaluating soldiers returning from combat that displayed symptoms of psychological stress (Pickren, 2009). Furthermore, despite the fact that female psychologists were not allowed to practice in combat situations they created the National Council of Women Psychologist who assisted people with stress related to the war and offered advice to young mothers. In addition, the United States Veterans Admonistration created opportunities for psychologist to further their knowledge and education in clinical psychology to help veterans with war realted issues. Furthermore, more than 50% of doctoral degrees were awarded in clinical psychology in 1950. Furthermore, in 1945 the APA created a section for clinical psychology...

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