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Medical Imaging Technology computer Guide Worksheet
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Name: Kelvin Arthur Period: 4 Date: October 1, 2012

Medical Imaging Technology| Description | Examples of major applications and uses| Advantages | Disadvantages /Limitations| X-rays| X rays are electromagnetic radiation that differentially penetrates structures within the body and creates images of these structures on photographic film or a fluorescent screen. These images are called diagnostic x rays. In many languages, X-radiation is called Rontgen radiation, after Wilhelm Rontgen, who is usually credited as its discoverer, and who had named it X-radiation to signify an unknown type of radiation.| * X rays help dentists detect diseases of the teeth. * X rays have also been used in the treatment of leukemia and bursitis. * Customs officers and airport security personnel use X rays in examining luggage and packages to check for weapons or smuggled articles. * X rays are used to inspect canned goods and other packaged products.| * Relatively cheap and easy to use. * Can be interpreted (read and understood) by non-radiologists. * It gives good bone resolution. * When applied and performed appropriately, these procedures can improve health and may even save a person’s life.| * Poor soft tissue resolution. * Contrast media can be unpleasant and hazardous (barium meal). * Harmful radiation. * Unsuitable for pregnant women| CAT scans(Computer Tomography Scans)| A CT scan stands for Computed Tomography scan. It is also known as a CAT (Computer Axial Tomography) scans. It is a medical imaging method that employs tomography. Tomography is the process of generating a two-dimensional image of a slice or section through a 3-dimensional object (a tomogram)| * CT scanning is useful to get a very detailed 3-D image of certain parts of the body, such as soft tissues, the pelvis, blood vessels, the lungs, the brain, abdomen, and bones. * A CT scan can detect abnormal tissue it is a useful device for planning areas for radiotherapy and biopsies.| * The CT scan can record images of bone, soft tissue and blood vessels simultaneously, offering clear advantages over standard x-rays. * CT scans have a less stringent requirement for patients to remain absolutely motionless during the scan as compared to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).| * The ACR advises that CT scans are, "in general, not recommended for pregnant women unless medically necessary because of potential risk to the baby." * Some authorities estimate that CT scans cause one percent of cancers in America.| DSR(Dynamic Spatial Reconstruction)| The dynamic spatial reconstructor (DSR) is a unique computed tomography (CT)-based scanner valuable for three-dimensional imaging and visualization of high temporal resolution three-dimensional cardiac cycles.| * The DSR was developed as a non-invasive diagnostic device to detect lung cancer and heart disease in their early stages. * It emerged as an answer to the tremendous challenge of using CT to provide 3D reconstruction of moving objects such as the cyclic motion of the beating heart. * Due to its efficacy, it has become the standard in the field of three-dimensional real-time imaging by which other non-invasive imaging modalities are measured in their effectiveness for achieving various diagnoses.| * 3-D imaging helps see problems inside the human body because of its high –rated efficiency of 3-Dimages. * It is generally used by researchers in fields such as cardiac dynamics which require in vivo 3D data for specific studies or by doctors who wish to measure how well another imaging modality (i.e. electron CT) performs in comparison.| * The DSR has enormous cost and size. * Though the DSR is capable of diagnosing a myriad of heart and lung disorders, its cost (and thus limited capability for service) has prevented it from becoming a routinely useful clinically...
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