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The main conflict
The conflict of the plot revolved around the character of Ramon. As the father, Ramon is absolutely convinced that it is only his will that must be obeyed by all the members of his family. His rigidity provoked a miniature revolt among his children. Tony, a character vaguely described in the story was the first to express his outrage against the severity of the condition. He decided to leave and settle in the United States. As a result, his father considers him no longer as his son and forbids his name to be mentioned in the house. Act one started with the obvious abhorrence expressed by the children by seeking an explanation from their mother why they were treated as if they were irresponsible adults devoid of judgment. All the children felt their existences were restricted within the confines of their house. Encarna (the mother) reasoned with the children, telling them that their father knew what is best for them and was simply protecting them from the wickedness of the outside world. The comfort and luxury of the house, she insisted, should be good enough to spend their extra time. The children thought otherwise and demanded their mother to persuade their father to grant them more freedom and to live life without his lingering presence. The argument the children had with their mother was an overture to the coming tragedy. The children were all resigned that their fate was solely controlled by their father and only through radical actions that they can recover and ultimately discover themselves.
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