Ewe crown

Topics: Culture, Art, Gold Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: December 3, 2013

“The Ewe Gold Crown”
The Ewe is a gold crown is a part of “The Glassell Collection of African Art” collected by, Houston philanthropist Alfred C. Glassell Jr. (1913-2008) Collecting things with culture and diversity, has always been a hobby for him since he was a child. He started off collecting stamps which helped learn the geography of the world. Alfred later became fascinated with gold art objects and had a passion for collecting them also. He enjoyed sharing his collections with the world. This is why so many of his collections are at MFAH (The Museum of Fine Art, Houston) today. Glassell valued the spiritual background behind gold. During the ancient times gold symbolized wealth and power. He had an ambition for seeking artwork with diverse culture long before they achieved popular acclaim. He wanted his remarkable collections to benefit the public, by bring beauty and understanding to the future generations. He spent a lot of his spare time collecting rare artwork from all over the world. Glassell thought of it as his duty to spread his love of art with everyone. All of his collections represented something to different cultures or was symbolization. The crown represents a mixture of different cultures. Its European style and is depicted with native African animals such as: an elephant and a duiker, and a small antelope. The design reflects the importance of intelligence. The elephant symbolize wisdom and since it the biggest animal it also shows that it’s the ruler of the forest. The fern leaves on the crown convey the message “The chief does not fear insults” because the Akan word for fern and insult is similar. The crown is 6 ¾ x 7 inches. This crown was made to fit a young prince to honor him. When the prince has this on it serves as protection and power. For centuries, the chiefs of Akan have worn a variety of headdresses, similar to the European –style crowns and helmets. This crown is fashioned from gold sheets. It is pure gold and extremely...
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