Evolutionary Psychology

Topics: Charles Darwin, Psychology, Natural selection Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: July 23, 2013
What is evolutionary psychology, and what do evolutionary psychologists study? Evolutionary psychology studies the ways in which adaptation and natural selection are connected with mental processes and behavior. Evolutionary psychologists study the effects of natural selection by studying whether it’s instinct, heredity, genetics, or behavioral genetics.

Charles Darwin studied this on the Galapagos Islands where he discovered that some species of animals adapted to their environment to survive. Some studies have discovered that some species that have been raised away from other members of their species, but yet still have some of the same behaviors as the original species. This is called instinct which is a stereotyped pattern of behavior that is triggered in a specific situation. Studying this they are trying to determine what types of human behavior may be instinctive. For example is language instinctive for someone that was raised in a Spanish community but never speaks it, yet their child speaks Spanish fluently and understands it. Heridity defines one’s nature which is based on biological structures and process. Does this mean that traits are passed down from parent to child through genetics? Our genetics change and adapt to what helps us survive and helping our children survive. Sometimes our genetics are not helping; in fact sometimes diseases that are heredity are passed down such as bipolar disorder, alcoholism, and personality disorders. Are they learned traits that are passed down through genetics? Is a person an alcoholic because he saw his father doing it or is it in his genes? This is the type of studies that help us in today’s society.

It is said that a tiger can change his stripes to adapt to his environment; we know a chameleon can change colors to adapt to their environment to save their lives. Some people can become a chameleon to fit into the environment they are in, but does this help them in life. Scientists and...
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