Evolutionary Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Gender, Male Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Evolutionary Psychology of gender development emphasizes that adaptation during the evolution of human produced psychological differences between males and females. Evolutionary psychologist argue that primarily because of their differing roles in reproduction, males and females faced different pressures in primeval environments when the human species was evolving. So according to evolutionary psychologist females contributions to the gene pool were improved by securing resources for their offsprings, which was promoted by obtaning long-term mates who could support a family. Psychoanalytiv theory of gender stems from Freuds view that the pre-school child develops a sexual attraction to the opposite sex parent at 5 or 6 years of age, renounce the attraction because of anxious feelings, subsequently identifying with the same sex parent and unconsciously adopting the same sex parents characteristics. Gender behavior to the same sex parent. Social cognitive theory of gender, states that childrens gender development occurs through observation and imitation, and through the rewards and punishments children experience for gender-appropriate and gender-inappropriate behavior. Children learn their gender behavior through observing other adults close to home or in the media. Gender schema theory says that gender typing emerges as children gradually develop gender schemas of what is gender appropriate and gender inappropriate in their culture. Schema is the cognitive structure, a net work of associations that guide an individuals perceptions. Gender schema organizes the work in terms of female and male, children are internally motivated to perceive the world and to act in accordance with their developing schemas. Social cognitive theory of gender seems to me the most convincing because I to believe that children learn through observing adults behaviors, because children need to be given a example in order to learn what is right and wrong. Through the example they will...
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