Evolution on Football Helmet

Topics: American football, Helmet, Football helmet Pages: 3 (546 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Topic question: How has football helmets and shoulder pads evolved over the years to better protect the person wearing the equipment


1) DEC. 2 1893 was the mark when the first football helmet was made 2) 1 Nov 1896
Throughout 1896 George Barclay was working on his model of the football helmet after he feared he would get seriously injured while playing football. His model contained leather straps, which were one of the first makings of the chinstrap to hold the helmet on the head throughout physical play.

3) 1 Oct 1917 The ZH helmet was one of the most inovative leather helmets created because of its suspension, ventalation, and communication ideas.

Vern McMillan created first modern facemask in 1935.McMillan had claimed that goals of his invention were to create a mask that could be affixed to the helmet. He created a mask that would not hinder the vision of players, protect their noses, and transfer impact to the outer shell of the helmet. Rubber covered wire mask had been the original material of mask.

5) After decades of players wearing the same styled leather helmet, employees at the John T. Riddell Company in Chicago invented a new helmet made out of plastic. This new material was stronger, durable, and lighter than previous models. 30 Nov 1939

6) 30 Nov 1948

The creation of the first logo on a football helmet took place in 1948 by Fred Gehrke, a player for the Los Angeles Rams. Gehrke created the logo in his free time and presented it to team owner, Dan Reeves, who approved it.

7) 17 Oct 1956

To reduce substitutions during game play, John Campbell and George Sarles came up with the idea of putting a radio transmitter in the back of a quarterback's helmet to transfer in plays instead of switching out receivers

8) 30 Nov 1986

The polycarbonate helmet was introduced in 1986. Polycarbonate is lighter than typical plastic and far more durable due to the means of manufacturing. Brought into...
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