Evolution of the Management School of Thought

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The current management theory and practices did not pop out of thin air, they evolved over many years. The evolution of management thought is not clearly understood, but many tried to defined management in different ways starting from the early days. Even before the term management came to be realized it concepts was applicable in most part of the world; in the ancient world the ideas or concepts of sound organizational structure, the concepts management is group activity and other concepts were already in use before the foundation of management as field. In this paper we will try to see about history of management, the two main schools of thoughts and their interrelation with one another and the development of modern management theories, people who lead for the foundation of these ideas, what is the main difference between these ideas and how they were developed. We will also try to demonstrate how they have evolved to reflect the changing needs of organizations and society as a whole. The above points will be discussed below in the paper.

Purpose of the Study
* To clearly understand the evolution of management thoughts. * To know what were the thoughts.
* To know the difference between these management thoughts. * To know the people who contributed the most to this thoughts. * To have a better understanding what the field management. * To know the early thinking’s about management.

* To know why study management theories.
* To know the different school of thoughts.
* To know the position that management has in our contemporary world.

This assignment was prepared by the group members in the first page. Prior to the caring of the assignment there was division of labor among members and it is fair to say that every group members has played the role which was assigned to it. We also like to thank the Liberians, for helping us in finding the right documents for this assignment.

1. The evolution of management thought
A management theory provides a means of classifying significant and relevant management knowledge. It can be said that ever since the emergence of complex society the need for the field management has been growing fast. Organized actions that are over seen by people responsible for planning, organizing, leading and controlling have existed for thousands of years long before the term “management” was found. For example;

* The construction of pyramids, which requires the integration and coordination of people. * Even our own Axum obelisks which also requires coordination and planning. * The ancient china “The Great wall of china”.

* Governments in Ancient Axum…etc
* One of the best examples can be the Roman Catholic Church which has existed since 2nd A.D. The above all examples require some understanding of management and need management skills and division of labour and hierarchy also excited. The evolution of management thought as a science from the practice of management art took many years. Some of the various management thoughts that developed through the years are broad in scope, while others tend to be relatively confined to specialized areas. Some are closely related to each other, while others have little or no relationships among them. It has been only in the past several hundred years, particularly in the last century that management has undergone through investigation which lead the subject to be a formal discipline for study. Starting from the early 1700’s there have been marvels discoveries regarding the subject management, one of all times writers Adam smith emphasized about the concept of division of labour by pointing out the advantages the society would get form the division of labour in his book “Wealth of Nations” the concept in short was the more specialization or division of labour, the better and effective the work will be done. The other significant change that took management to its next...
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