Evolution of the Australian Theater in 1960s

Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Due to the significant changes of Australian culture during the 1960's and beyond, Australian theatre evolved in order to adapt to the changing Australia. Because Australia was finding its own identity from feminist movements, multiculturalism and indigenous rights, Australian theatre too developed an identity of its own that was able to clearly reflect the environment of nation it was in and thus appeal more to audiences of the time. This is specifically shown through theatrical style such as satire, use of the Australian accent and an Australian landscape as the setting for new plays. In our class workshops, I was able to gain a first hand experience of performing the new wave play, the Removalists and Norm and Ahmed as well as being an audience to class members performing other plays of the same era. Through this it can be seen that the primary reason for this change was for the sake of the audience - to present plays that the people of Australia at the time could relate to.

Australian new wave theatre drew in a vast array of characteristics unseen in any performances before, distinctly relating to Australia society as a whole and the cultural issues relating to the country. This ranged from racial stereotyping in terms of indigenous Australians and international immigrants to domestic issues and the hierarchy within the household. The new wave plays portrayed these issues effectively with numerous methods and theatrical techniques to connect with the Australian audience more, such as colloquial language and very naturalistic characters and scripts with very little bravado, further extenuating the connection of the characters within the performance to the audience members witnessing the show. This new wave of theatre helped to shape the social reform within Australia most notably towards the country’s view on global warfare and its judgment upon immigrants entering the country. Through Australian theatre’s transition into new wave performance were the...
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