Evolution of Sociology

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Classical Period
- Classical Political Thinkers: Plato, Niccolo Machiavelli, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Polybius, Thomas Hobbes and Giambattista Vico
* according to them, political issues are only parts of the specific concerns of the society - attempts were made to find the connections of political issues with social and other physical factors

* Baron de Montesquieu postulated that climate,
geographic, economic and psychological factors of a state affect its own design of a political system

* Adam Smith and other 18th century Scottish thinkers attempted to incorporate economic theories and issues to explain the nature of society

19th Century Sociology
- Auguste Comte coined the term “sociology”; considered as the “father of sociology”

- at this point in time, social thinkers successfully separated social issues (sociology) and issues of the state (political science)

- other well known social thinkers during this period: Herbert Spencer and Karl Marx

Modern Study Sociology
- Prominent social thinkers: Emile Durkheim and Max Weber;
both of them used empirical research and methods to explain social phenomena
- Sociology in the United States: Lester Frank Ward & William Graham Sumner

20th Century Sociology
- emergence of three sociological perspectives: conflict theory; symbolic interaction theory; and structural functional theory

Evolution of Sociology in the Philippines
- it was introduced in 1896 when the sociology course was
offered by Fr. Valentine Marin at UST
- UP offered the course in 1911, taught by Professor A.E.W. Salt and Murray Bartlett
- Dean Conrado Benitez was the first Filipino to teach
sociology, followed by Serafin Macaraig at UP
- PWU offered the course in 1938 which was taught by Felipe

How is sociology related to the other social sciences?
- History:...
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