Evolution of Modern Dance

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Modern dance has developed to what it is today through the contributions of many famous artists. The choreographers mentioned are and were some of the most influential people that defined what modern dance is today. Modern dance is developed when a choreographer wants to move away from the restricting rules of classical ballet and the strong ideals of what dance should be. Students often take preference to what style of dance they like, either ballet because of the security of the positions, steps, and that the attitude is clear and consistent, or modern dance, a dance that allows you to show your emotions through movements that are more individualistic. This is not to say that modern dance didn’t have rules and forms. Modern dance was defined by singular artists who had their own style of dancing and therefore had a way of preparing for it. Modern dance first started to develop at the turn of the 19th century. There was a feeling of change and revolution around the world that art, dance and music were changing. In the 1890’s,Loie Fuller was the first choreographer to go searching for a more natural movement of dance and explored dance in relation to the natural elements. Her costumes were different of any at the time, using yards of rippling silk, and lighting effects to illuminate the costumes.Loie Fuller can be seen in scultures,lamps and pedestals in the Nouveau style, honoured as someone who brought a new way of dance to life.Loie toured through Europe and had great success as it was more open to the freshness of her Americanised dance style than her native land. Isadora Duncan is one of the best known choreographers and dancers that contributed to the development of modern dance. She was the subject of many romantic nooks and films that celebrated her free spirit, and her liberated way of life. Isadora’s dances mirrored the natural rhythms and movement of waves and trees. She was well known for her improvisations to the music of classical composers like...
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