Evolution Of Information Systems

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

Evolution of Health Care Information Systems
Looking into the health care operation now compared to 20 years ago, many changes have been implemented within health care information systems. Twenty years ago we did not have the technology we do today to promote safe and effective patient care. Many patients are living longer and healthier because of information systems that continue to analyze and exchange data on a daily basis. Understanding Health Information Technology (HIT) will promote a safe, patient-focused and proficient patient care. This paper will compare/contrast a nursing facility operation the same 20 years prior, examine information systems within the work place, analyze how data was used 20 years ago compared today, and lastly will cove two major events and technological advantages that have influenced current Health Care Information system (HCIS) practices. Compare/Contrast

In order to compare and contrast a skilled nursing facility in the last 20 years, he or she must first understand what HCIS intel’s. According to Glaser, Wagner & Wickham (2013), HCIS is an arrangement of information (data), processes, people, and information technology that interact to collect, process, store, and provide as output the information needed to support the health care organization. Comparing and contrasting ManorCare in Minot ND, significant changes have been made over the last 20 years. Comparing ManorCare skilled nursing facility to 20 years ago, the facility still has to implement the rules, regulations, standards, procedures, and privacy in order to provide quality patient care. Patients continue to seek that their rights of privacy continue to be protected. Comparing to paper charts and telemedicine according to Cheryl (Email) their facility still maintains some records on a paper chart. Because of their location near many health care facilities and physicians they do not utilize telemedicine. Contrasting to 20 years ago skilled nursing facilities were still implementing new regulations to follow. Manor Care facility uses a hybrid chart to document information and almost everything is done electronically. In the 1980’s the quality of nursing homes were being investigated and researched. After the assessment in 1987, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) enhanced the regulation of nursing homes and included requirements on quality of care, resident assessment, care planning and the use of neuroleptic drugs and physical restraints (Hawes, Mor, Phillips, Fries, Morris, Steele-Friedlob, & Nennstiel, 1997). Oct 1, 1990 is when the provisions went into effect in federal law, with the implantation of this bill nursing homes had to provide better care, respect their patients’ rights and protect the safety of care the patient received. This law improved several areas in regards to good care practices, accuracy of resident’s medical records, and the numbers of physical restraints on a patient went down.

Examination of Information Systems within the Workplace
Information systems have not always existed within healthcare. Over the past decade information systems within the workplace of ManorCare has continued to progress. Even within the 20 years information technology has slowly been introduced among many health facilities. It is seen that implementing information systems in any health care organization can be a difficult task to accomplish. According to Berg (2001), the implementation of information systems is a process of mutual transformation; the organization and the technology transform each other during the implementation process. Without controlling the process there will not be a balancing act.

ManorCare has seen many changes in information systems. Years ago they didn’t rely on technology to keep patients information within records electronically. The shift from paper based to computer based has saved valuable time...
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