Evolution of Human Resource Management Thought

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1) Acknowledgment02
2) Introduction03
3) Classical approach to Management04
4) Humanistic approach to Management10
5) Management Science12
6) Systems Theory13
7) Contingency Theory14
8) Total Quality Management15
9) The Learning Organization17
10) The Technology Driven Workplace18
11) Conclusion19
12) Bibliography20

I have taken efforts in this assignment. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I would like to express my gratitude towards my parents & my lecturer Of National Institute of Business Management, Mr.Y.Rathnayake for his kind co-operation, guidance and encouragement which help me in completion of this assignment. My thanks and appreciations also go to my colleague in developing the assignment and people who have willingly helped me out with their abilities.

The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work. Management has developed and grown in leaps and bounds from a very nearly insignificant topic in the previous centuries, to one of the integral ones of our age and economy. Management has evolved into a powerful and innovative force on which our society depends for material support and national well-being. The period between 1700 and 1850 is highlighted by the industrial revolution and writings of the classical economists. The advent of the factory system during this period highlighted, for the first time, the importance of direction as a managerial function. As factories and jobs increased and a distinctive work culture began to take shape, appropriate management of all this became imperative. This development brought along with it new questions and problems to which adequate solutions were required. To find appropriate solutions to these problems, people began to recognize management as a field of study. In recent times, management has become a more scientific discipline having certain standardized principles and practices. The following is a breakdown of the evolution of management thought during its development period: * Early management approaches which are represented by scientific management. The administrative management theory and the human relations movement * Modern management approaches which are represented by scientific management, the administrative/ management science approach, the system approach and the contingency approach. THEORITICAL EVOLUTION OF MANAGEMENT

Management Perspectives over Time

* The Technology Driven Workplace2000-2010
* The Learning Organization1990-2010
* Total Quality Management1980-2000
* Contingency Views1970-2000
* Systems Theory1950-2000
* Management Science1940-1990
* Humanistic Theory 1930-1990
* Classical Theory 1890-1940

Classical approach of management professes the body of management thought based on the belief that employees have only economical and physical needs and that the social needs and need for job satisfaction either does not exist or are unimportant. Accordingly it advocates high specialization of labour, centralized decision making and profit maximization. * Classical approach is the oldest formal school of thought which began around 1900 and continued into the 1920s. * It mainly concerned with the increasing the efficiency of workers and organizations based on management practices, which were an outcome of careful observation. * Classical approach mainly looks for the universal principles of operation in the striving for economic efficiency. * Classical approach includes scientific, Administrative and bureaucratic management. * Scientific management focuses on the “one best way” to do a job....
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