Evolution of HCIS

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems
July, 14, 2014
Evolution of Health Care Information Systems
Today we have the pleasure of discussing the Evolution of Health Care Information Systems. Specifically we will review a compare and contrast of a health care facilities operations today with the operations of it 20 years ago. We will define HCIS as well as look at different health information systems today and major events and technological advantages that have influenced current Health Care Information Systems (HCIS) practices. We will learn how health care information systems have shaped the delivery of health care today so that we may be a part of the solution. Health Care Information Systems

To truly understand the benefit of Health Care Information Systems, it is critical that a clear understanding of its true definition is learned. We know that data consists of raw facts about people, places, events and other things that are of importance in any organization. When that data is processed into a more meaningful form, it is then called information and can be the basis for decision making. According to Wager, Lee & Glaser (2009), “a health care information system (HCIS) is an arrangement of information (data), processes, people, and information technology that interact to collect, process, store, and provide as output information needed to support the health care organization”. To further put things into perspective, there are two primary classes of health care information systems and they are administrative and clinical. Although they are both health care information systems, they perform totally different functions and contain different information. An administrative information system would contain information specific to financial data or administrative that would help to support management and general operations of the health care organization. These systems might support personnel...

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