Evolution of Family

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The family is generally regarded as major social institution. It is a social unit created by blood, marriage, or adoption, and can be categorized as a nuclear family (parents and children) or an extended family (other relatives). The definition of a family varies as much as the families themselves. All the different families found around the world are diverse across cultures. The family is an institution that has evolved and changed over time, from a social unit that was formed for mainly economic reasons to one that mainly provides for the emotional needs of its members. It started off as a requirement to form a family, but has evolved and now families are being made out of love and spite.

Many years ago, families were being made out of the thought of inheritance and continuation of the family name through generations. Many men and woman decided to start a family due to the fact that they were expected to by their religion and culture. Other men and woman started families in order to provide children for grandparents and in order for the children to carry the family name and keep it going for generations. This might have started because of the anthropological side of things. Families were being made ever since the Neanderthal ages, and will continue to be made throughout time. We follow in the footsteps of the generations before us, only altering some things to fit our way of life.

Along the road, many men and woman started to make families because they started to apply their psychological needs to start a family. They wanted to be in the norm and become members of a group that well described them. By them being financially stable and secure with a complete family, including the children, husband and wife, they started belonging to community and what society wanted them to become. They did not feel out of place by bringing children and life into the world.

As technology changed, and the world has evolved over time, many of the families formed now...
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