Evolution of Cognitive Psychology

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Evolution of Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology is defined as “the scientific study of mental processes” (Riegler & Riegler 2008, p. 1). During the 1960s, cognitive psychology became an emerging presence in the field of psychology. During this time period, attention to the study of “how internal states, such as thoughts, feelings, and moods influence behavior” (Cherry 2010, p. 12). Cognitive psychology studies how individuals think, comprehend language, and form beliefs. Human development involves cognitive development. Researchers attempted to study thought through introspection. However, introspection was not impartial because individuals are far too complex and do not share similar thoughts and ideas.

Throughout this analysis the author explains the interdisciplinary perspective in relation to cognitive psychology, the emergence of cognitive psychology as a discipline, and the impact of the decline of behaviorism on the discipline of cognitive psychology.

Interdisciplinary Perspective

Many sub disciplines contain cognition that is based on the root of psychology. According to Riegler & Riegler (2008) cognitive psychology is the center focus “within the interdisciplinary field study termed cognitive science” (p. 5). Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary perspective utilized to understand the mind. There are several disciplines involved in this concept. The disciplines consist of philosophy, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and anthropology. Riegler & Riegler (2008) indicate that all of these disciplines involve the mind in an effort to form understanding. The basis for cognitive psychology is much derived from experimental psychology. Both fields share similar factors: linguistics, memory, reasoning, attention, and thinking (Bruno, 2002).

Recent research has accentuated the significance of vigorous characteristics of visual processing. The development of brain imaging was established to focus...

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