Evocation of emotion

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Essay 1 - question 2
Jean-Francois Lyotard (75) calls narration "the quintessential form of customary knowledge." It is man's way of expressing life, telling stories and constructing law. In essence narrative is a tool which allows us to empathise with others, an intrinsic trait unto our own humanity. Thus, "Like life itself, it is there, international, transhistorical, transcultural" (Barthes, 237). This is often done through an author's ability to evoke an emotional response from their audience and can be demonstrated through the comparison of Raine's 'A martian sends a postcard home.' (1979) & James Joyce' 'Eveline' (1914). A definition of 'emotion' can be given as; A strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. (www.oxforddictionaries.com) Craig Rain's Martian Poem literally titled 'A Martian sends a postcard home' asks the audience to challenge their perspective by subverting our traditional view of how we live our lives. "Among the orthodox interpretations of the poem-taken from the backcover of Raine's book-{is} "he [Raine] has set himself the mammoth task of visual retrieval, forcing us to see for the first time things we have been looking at all our lives." Similarly, Morrison and Motion (1982, 18) state that this is "a poem in which the familiar world is seen through the eyes of a fascinated alien." (Varol Akman, vol. 4) Ultimately, it attempts to teach us "to become strangers in our familiar world, to release the faculty of our perception." (Margaret Ferguson, 2122.) Therefore his poem depends upon inviting an emotional response from the reader in order for us to engage. Raine's poem opens with metonymy in the term "Caxtons" a symbol for books. Immediately our understanding of language is subverted and we subconsciously view the text from an 'alien' perspective rather than human. Furthermore, Raine explores the concept of time from this alternate perspective in his ironic allegory "But time is tied to...
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