Evidence Based Practice and Its Benefits in Breastfeeding

Topics: Infant, Breastfeeding, Breast milk Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Breastfeeding has many advantages to the newborn but can sometimes be discouraging to new mothers who are disrupted from initiating breastfeeding.   It’s a learning process between the mother and her newborn and should be strongly encouraged by healthcare providers. In the WHO (2011), it recommends that women should exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months of life.   Breast milk not only provides antibodies for infection but also presents with less medical problems in the newborn.   It was also reported in the WHO (2011), that exclusive breastfeeding could minimize infant deaths caused by pneumonia and diarrhea.   All the nutrients needed for growth and development are found in human breast milk.   Essentially breast milk is the aliment of choice for newborns because of all the benefits it can provide.   Not only does breast milk provide benefits to newborns, but also to the new mothers.   The AWHONN currently states that it enhances bonding between mother and baby and decreases the risk for postpartum bleeding, infection and different types of cancer.   (AWHONN, 2007).  In the American Academy of Pediatrics (2005) on breastfeeding it provides several recommendations.   Initially the newborn should be put to the mother’s breast as soon as delivery until the first feeding has been finished.   Then it mentions withholding any type of supplementation unless it has been indicated medically.   The policy also confirms that the newborn should be fed between 8 – 12 times within 24 hours or when any feeding cues are noted such as rooting, mouthing or sucking at the hand.   Mothers should be strongly encouraged to Room in with their newborn to enhance these cues.   Another standard expressed was for health care providers to assess, observe and evaluate new mothers for correct positioning, latching, and sucking.   Elimination patterns described should be...
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