Evidence Based Practice

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Audit Pages: 3 (590 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Applying The Evidence To Practice
Student No C3227494
Module Leaders- Francis Chapman, Martin Hird and Simon Madley

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Critical discussion of the evidence
2.1 Auditing Process
2.2 Evaluation of the Action Plan
2.3 The Benchmarking Process

3.0 Conclusions

4.0 Appendices

5.0 Reference list

1.0 Introduction
The focus of the module, applying the evidence to practice, is based upon the document, Essence of care; patient focused benchmarking for healthcare professionals (Doh2001).

During the module the benchmarking process has been explored and the experiences gained are included within this report. Throughout this module we were placed in comparison groups with each group being allocated an aspect of care to focus upon. The aspect of care focused upon within this report is ‘principles of self care’ A clinical area was audited, and graded to determine how well they achieved the benchmarks being set, and to determine if they had met the ‘A Grade’ being the best grade. The evidence to determine the A-grade, the auditing process used, the proposed action plan, and feasibility of this action plan are all critically analysed within this report.

Critical discussion of the evidence

The search strategy used to find evidence to support the A grade was a keyword search on academic databases, Appropriate evidence was selected which supports factor one, choice about self care within, Essence of care patient-focused benchmarking for health care professionals (Doh 2001)

Auditing Process

During this module, an audit was carried out on a clinical area for which I was I on placement. The aim of the audit was to see how effectively they managed individuals who had to self care. the audit would give a reflection as to how the ward had score on the benchmarking system that had being produced using evidence. Before beginning the audit it was important to establish how the audit was going to be carried out,...
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