Evidence Based Practice

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The focus of this assignment is to look at Evidence Based Practice (EBP), why it is important for nursing to be evidence based and the barriers to implementation of EBP. EBP is a medical philosophy invented by Archie Cochrane a British epidemiologist, Cochrane believed that disease prevention and medical care should be contingent and collected analysed data from randomized controlled trials. (RCTS) in order to provide effective patient care. EBP according to Sackett et al (1996) is current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. This definition highlights both professional’s clinical experimental knowledge and the best external evidence, neither is enough on its own. Current best evidence includes clinical practice guidelines which are usually nationally developed by expert researchers and which have undergone research trials. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and National Service Frameworks (NSFs) are examples of authoritive national guidance developed to achieve consistent clinical standards across the NHS (Department of Health 1998). Fleming (2008) argues a well built question can go a long way towards focusing your search in the right area. She has developed a framework to facilitate this which has four basic elements to it they are as follows Problem,Population,Issue Intervention, Comparison (not always needed) Outcome. (PICO). The importance of EBP is practices based on research findings are more likely to result in the desire to patient’s outcomes. It also provides opportunities for nursing care to be more individualised and more effective. Melynk et al.’s (2004) study support the view that knowledge and beliefs about EBP are important indicators for changing behaviours it is important for nurses to believe that EBP will result in better patient’s outcomes in order for changes to occur. The clinical guidelines used in nursing should be updated by nurses and other health care professionals as...
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