Topics: Forensic evidence, Faith No More, Harvey Keitel Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: January 12, 2013
When it comes to handling evidence, wearing latex gloves play a major role in that aspect. Contamination of any evidence can corrupt a scene to the point where it would let a criminal walk free. And as far as contamination goes, once evidence is contaminated it can’t be replaced of repaired, than it would not be admissible in court. When you use latex gloves it helps preserve the condition of the crime scene. Wearing those gloves protects the investigator from leaving any imprint of theirs at the crime scene. Wearing latex gloves also help with safety precautions. If there are harmful chemicals at a crime scene those gloves can prevent chemical burns, contamination of putting your fingerprint on a chemical etc. Also, it is required for all crime scenes personal to wear latex gloves especially when the crime scene would be reconstructed later. When evidence is contaminated in anyway reconstruction of a crime scene is complete impossible because evidence is tampered. If there was on finger print from an investigator on evidence at a crime scene due to no gloves, those evidence couldn’t be used at all even if it was the only evidence you had to catch a killer. Now, establishing a chain of custody for the evidence found at a crime scene. Once evidence is found at a scene, the transportation of whose hand that evidence gets in contact with must be documented, that’s the chain of custody. So basically the investigator that is at the crime scene, when he/she comes in contact with evidence and they may touch that evidence their name goes on the chain of custody of evidence. Documentation is extremely important for the chain of custody because if anything happens to that evidence from the crime scene to the court room, looking back would be easy, if that piece of evidence was contaminated. What I mean by this is that if someone hadn’t put on their gloves and handled that evidence it would be fairly easy to track down who had done that because everyone could back track and...
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