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Amongst the many new marketing communications campaign introduced in 2009, one particularly obtained the audience’s attention worldwide and became an instant success. In July 2009, Evian launched the “Live Young” campaign. TV commercials and magazine ads appeared, and viral videos were posted on the famous video hosting website YouTube, In just a few weeks, the “roller babies”, who appear roller-skating and figure skating to the sound of upbeat music, caught the attention of the public. The name Evian is well known all over the world; today, it is the world’s top ranked spring water [1]. It is even famous amongst various Hollywood celebrities who were spotted with Evian bottles. It is therefore considered high-end bottled water [2]. It all started in 1789 when Marquis de Lessert found the Cachat source, in France, and miraculously recovered from his liver and kidney problems after drinking from it. This pure water was then considered therapeutic. Several years later, in 1826 the first Evian bottle was introduced to the market and in 1878, the Medecine Academy recognized Evian water as favorable to health. To maintain its healthy aspect, bottles were sold in pharmacies between 1879 and 1950 [3]. Today still, Evian emphasizes on values such as health and purity, and the fact that all waters are not equal. Before arriving in our bottles, the Evian water goes through a “22 years long process in which the original water drop gains minerals in an environment far from any possible human pollutions” as explains Michael Aidan, World Director of Evian [3]. Mineral water is the only type of water with a stable mineral composition and consequently the only type of water that is benefic to human health. The company is proud to claim its main value: the purity of its water, and its benefits on our body.

The goal of this new campaign was to inform the public of the merits of mineral water on our organism. Indeed, following the economic crisis, many consumers switched from bottled water to tap water; nowadays, consumers buy in general 22 liters less than they did in 2007 [3]. This campaign was intended to help remember that mineral water is unique and can in no way compare with tap water; mineral water has essential benefits that needed be reminded to consumers. The “Live Young” campaign is very different to other water campaigns that were introduced before. It uniquely communicates the brand values through a creative approach that follows the ACM model; it gets the attention by surprising the audience and by the use of loud music, achieves comprehension with words, and is memorable due to its originality. The TV commercial of the “Roller babies” is differs from other advertisements for similar products. Most competing brands choose a serious tone when transmitting the values of their water. But Evian managed to introduce some humor; it was able to create a totally new and fun concept of mineral water. Indeed, unlike most bottled water campaigns, this campaign not only tries to concentrate on the rational aspects of the water, but it also attempts to appeal to the emotional aspect of viewers. The use of smiling babies contributes to the emotional appeal and its uniqueness. It has been proven that children are one of the important factors that contribute to success in a marketing campaign. And when combined with humor, success is almost assured.

Many campaigns and advertisements launched with the intention to differ from their competitors and to be unique often result in being irrelevant. However, this is not the case with the “Live Young” campaign, which gives the target audience a reason to purchase the product. In a time of crisis and budget restrictions, this campaign induces in the viewers’ minds a need for mineral water and therefore a reason to buy Evian. The “Roller babies” advertisements effectively convey and remind the audience of Evian’s benefits on our organism, and the importance of pure mineral water. A few elements...

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