Everything Is Possible

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Answer for question 1
Everything is possible when we put effort on it. By having a good partner, we can reach our goal more easily. Maybe we will meet some problem when starting our business but if we don’t give up and try our best to get pass the problem we facing, we will be able to get a good result in our business. Example, Ryan and Aaron only get sales of about $17,000 in the first year but they put more effort on their business and start to double their sales each year and eventually reach an amount of $15 million a year. Although they gain a lot of profit through the large amount of sales, but they bravely plow most of the money back to the firm so that the profit of the firm can grow dramatically in a short time. This shows that we need to be brave to face the risk so that we can get a better result in our business. Before Ryan and Aaron start their business, they set a goal for themselves which is to help small businesses to compete with large businesses by having an inexpensive way which is by promoting online. The above shows that we need to set a goal first before start working on something so that we won’t confuse when we are middle of our working. Ryan and Aaron also realized the American economy and made good use of the internet and other technology. It will be hard if we don’t understand the economy of our working area. It will be more easily to start a business when we understand the economy of our working area. Not only that, if we made good use of the internet and the technology around us, we will be able to minimize our work and maximize the result. Lastly, Ryan and Aaron hire smart people and train them well to work with them so that they can handle a diverse customer base. This show that we needs to hire not only good but also smart...

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