Everything Is Illuminated Questions

Topics: Jews, Judaism, Antisemitism Pages: 3 (1164 words) Published: September 28, 2010
April 25, 2010 Everything Is Illuminated Questions 1) I would not go as far as to say someone is a hero in this story, because there really wasn’t a villain, but I have to agree that if anyone would be called a hero, it should be Jonathan. He revealed a world and a past the other characters (mainly Alex) have never seen before. For example, he was the reason the true horrors of the holocaust were revealed to Alex and his Grandfather. When they went to find Trachimbrod, Jonathan grandfather’s Jewish hometown, and found Augestines sister, her recap of how Augestine was killed was something Alex could never imagine dealing with. But as to how Jonathan is a real hero, I guess he sort of saved people from ignorance. 2) If Jonathans name was any different, I don’t there would have been a different story. That is, unless his name was Jonathan Brown, or something un-Jewish, because that would make him not Jewish, and make the story not exist. I’m not exactly sure what this question is referring to when you say “name”. If you mean, if Jonathan was not called a hero, I don’t think it would change the story all that much, because I don’t think of him as a true hero as it is. 3) Jonathan travels to the Ukraine to find Augustine and Trachimbrod, both essential pieces to his lineage, because he is an extremely involved family member who wants to know about his family’s struggles and their past. Alex and his grandfather are mainly just taking Jonathan to where he needs to go, but as the story develops they are also whole heartedly searching for Trachimbrod and Augustine. 4) My view on Alex’s view of Jewish people is more neutral than sour. He never seemed uncomfortable around Jonathan. He’s never met a jewish person, I think, because of his culture and where he chooses to be. Most jewish people in Europe reside close together in very tight knit communities, marrying other jews, strictly staying in their religion. Alex...
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