Everything Is Fair in Love and War

Topics: Steel, Turkey, Recyclable materials Pages: 18 (5612 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Term Project on
FDI in the Steel Industry of Turkey
Submitted To:
Mehree Iqbal (Mei)
Faculty Member, Mgt372 – (International Business)
Submitted By:
Name | ID|
Md.Tanvir Rahman Mazumder| 0930319030|
Quazi Nuruzzaman| 0930605030|
Md. Touhidur Rahman| 0930602030|
A.T.M Asif Mehmood| 0930095030|
Syed Ehsanur Rahman| 0930277530|
Nafis Ahmed| 0930577530|

Section: 07
Date of Submission: 19th December, 2012.
School of Business
North South University, Dhaka

December 19, 2012
Mehree Iqbal
Faculty Member, School of Business
North South University
Subject: Letter of Transmittal
Respected Madam,
It is indeed a great pleasure to have the opportunity to submit the report. We have prepared this report in accordance with the instructions given by you. Our report was “FDI in the Steel Industry of Turkey” and we think that, working on this topic was very interesting and we have explored something remarkable through our report.

This report is to describe our observation, learning and recommendation based on the knowledge and the experiences gained during the course under your supervision. So, all of our works have been done according to your guidelines.

We are very glad to have the opportunity to work on this report. This report has provided us learning opportunity of Turkey’s Steel Industry.

We hope that, you would be king enough to accept our report and bless us.

Tanvir Nuruzzaman Mehmood Ehsan Touhidur Nafis Executive Summary

Through our entire project, we analyze and describe the Steel industry of Turkey in which we will invest. Turkey has a dynamic economy with a fast growing steel industry. The Turkish steel industry has seen considerable innovations over the past two decades, reflecting a commitment to respond to evolutions in world steel markets. The steel industry in Turkey has witnessed consistent growth over this period, expanding exponentially over the past five years in response to strong world demand for quality steel products. With its long Mediterranean coastline, Turkey is uniquely positioned to service European steel markets quickly and efficiently. Recent investments to flat steel, quality steel, structural steel and stainless steel will enable Turkish steel industry to have a better production and trade structure and help Turkish steel industry to serve the domestic and export markets better. Turkish steel industry has been practicing market diversification strategy due to the rapid changes in market conditions. Despite increasing capacities, Middle East and North Africa will stay as important export destinations for Turkish steel in the medium term. Despite restrictive effects of the uncertainties in the global market, comparatively strong domestic demand and import substitution will enable further growth of the Turkish Steel industry. Uncertainties in the global markets and dependency on import in raw materials will stay as main challenge of the industry. But having vast opportunities in this sector inspire us to invest in Turkey’s Steel industry.

Table of Contents
Contents1.Introduction 2.Pest Analysis: 2.1. Political Analysis: 2.1.1.System of the Government 2.1.2.Government Policies 2.1.3. Political Stability 2.2.Economic Analysis: 2.2.1.Economic Indicators 2.2.2. Purchasing Parity: Per capita income and living cost. 2.2.3.Human Development 2.3.Social/Cultural Analysis: 2.3.1.Language 2.3.2.Religion 2.3.3.Education 2.3.4.Social Strata 2.4.Technlogical Analysis:...
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