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READING PASSAGES – Read the following passages and mark the correct answer according to the information given in each.
Accidents seldom "just happen," and many can be prevented. Accidental injuries become more frequent and serious in later life. Thus, attention to safety is especially important for older persons. Several factors make people in this age group prone to accidents. Poor eyesight and hearing can decrease awareness of hazards. Arthritis, neurological diseases, and impaired coordination and balance can make older people unsteady. Various diseases and medications, alcohol, and preoccupation with personal problems can result in drowsiness, distraction, or poor physical conditioning. When accidents occur, older persons are especially vulnerable to severe injury and tend to heal slowly. Particularly in women, the bones often become thin and brittle with age, causing seemingly minor falls to result in broken bones. Many accidents can be prevented by maintaining mental and physical health and conditioning, and by cultivating good safety habits . 65. "just happen" in line 1 refers to _________.

a) by chance c) with cause
b) by being a victim d) with warning
66. According to the passage, which of the following would NOT HELPelderly people prevent accidents? a) Maintaining physical health c) Cultivating good safety habits b) Maintaining mental health d) Entering a nursing home

67. Which physical problem is NOT MENTIONEDas a cause of unsteadiness in the elderly? a) Neurological diseases c) Arthritis
b) High blood pressure d) Coordination problems
68. Drowsiness or distraction, which can cause accidents,can frequently be caused by any of the following factors EXCEPT_________. a) Medications c) too much TV viewing
b) Alcohol d) preoccupation with personal problems

69. The underlying assumption in this passage is that _________. a) young people have more accidents than other groups
b) infants are the most accident prone
c) accidents happen equally to all age groups
d) old age brings more propensity to accidents
Research has indicated that dyslexia has biological origins, and most investigators now suspect that dyslexic children read poorly as a result of a highly specific language problem, sometimes called “phonological unawareness.” Dyslexic children cannot easily learn to read because they have trouble associating printed letters with the sounds of speech. A similar problem occurs in congenitally deafpeople who have mastered the linguistic complexities and subtleties of sign language but have trouble learning to read. Evidence also exists suggesting that the root cause for much dyslexia is a problem with processing very rapidly changing sensory stimuli. For example, studies have shown that dyslexic children have trouble making accurate distinctions between similar auditory signals. Theyoften cannot hear the difference between speech sounds such as “pah,”“dah,” and “bah.” Recently, differences have been noted between the visual pathways of dyslexics and those of nondyslexics that suggest a comparable problem with fast- changing visual stimuli. Researchers have also found several other neuroanatomical abnormalities in the temporal lobe and in other areas of the brain. All of these studies are extremely valuable in helping researchers understand the mechanisms underlying reading problems so that dyslexic children can be accurately identified and more efficiently helped. 70. What is the main purpose of the passage?

a) To change current ideas about dyslexia
b) To explore the causes of dyslexia
c) To distinguish between dyslexia and congenital deafness
d) To cite examples of dyslexic behaviour
71. According to the passage, “phonological unawareness” (lines 2 & 3) means _________. a) trouble with hearing and sensory stimuli
b) inability to distinguish between auditory signals
c) problems associating printed...
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