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Breanna Peterson
Career Journal

Education and/or Training Required:
Need a Bachelor’s degree in engineering
They might need special biomedical training
Might want to have a master’s degree
Can take courses in biology, Physiology, medical instrumentation, biochemistry or biophysics They might want to get an advance degree in biomedical engineering or related sciences Need to have a broad background

Continue studying through the career to keep up with new developments You might also need to be licensed by the state in witch you work

Responsibilities and Daily Activities:
Solve health related and medical problems
Do a lot of research to design medical devises like the artificial heart Investigate ways to modernize laboratory and clinical procedures Supervise biomedical equipment maintenance
Investigate medical equipment failure
They advice hospitals about purchasing and installing new equipment Try to answer medical challenges
They also work to improve equipment
Biomedical Engineer’s are involved in answering questions that are hard to answer with out research Help maintain and monitor complex medical systems
Salary Range:
The highest paying sate is: Minnesota with an annual mean wage of $96,930 The lowest paying state is : Indiana with an annual mean wage of $60,530 Documentation of Sources:
Biomedical Engineer job description [Internet]. Copyright 2011. [Accessed May 4, 2011]. Available at: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/389/Biomedical-Engineer.html

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Self Reflection:
In my opinion I think that this career would not be for me because I am not that interested in the research and making of new technology. I also think that this job wouldn't fit me, because I am just not able to get into researching.

Education and/or Training Required:
Need at least a Bachelor’s degree in materials science or related field Might want to have a degree in chemistry, electric engineering, and physics They need a Doctorate degree to lead research activities

Need to complete internships to gain practical experience in the field Must stay abreast on advancements in the field
Must keep their skills up to date
They continue with their education throughout their careers
A Materials Scientists must have additional training through their career Responsibilities and Daily Activities:
Study and research the structures and chemical aspects of many different materials Develop new materials
Find ways to improve existing ones fro a variety of uses
They figure out methods to strengthen or combine materials
Create new materials to use in many different products
Conduct a variety of research to examine and develop processes for many different purposes They carry out a variety of experiments to understand the bond strength between many different molecules They often focus on a specific material such as metals and ceramics Salary Range:

The average salary for a Materials scientist is about: $62,000

Documentation of Sources:
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Average Materials Scientist salary [Internet]. Copyright 2011. [accessed May 4, 2011]. Available at:...
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