Everyone has the right to decide to die

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A person should have the right to end their life if they so choose. People that attempt suicide and fail are often institutionalized and treated for a mental disorder. Often times it has nothing to do with a mental disorder, but simply they are in so much pain they feel they can’t go on. Or in the case of terminal illness they won’t go on much longer. So many people, churches, counselors say suicide is a selfish act, but is it fair to allow someone to suffer just to keep them in your life.

Most often, the idea of the right to die is related to a person’s wish that caregivers allow death. With the institution of living wills and do not resuscitate orders becoming more prevelant, it seems that people are becoming more accepting of the right to die. However, in most states a person can not be euthanized. Only four states allow this and only in cases where the patient has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and is of sound mind. Along these lines, why is it then ok for us to choose euthanasia for animals? “Yet in a 2013 poll, only 51% of people supported allowing doctors to help a dying patient “commit suicide. (Gonchar, D 2014).” “The right to life and the right to die are not two rights, but two aspects or descriptions of the same right (Benatar, D, 2010).”

While I believe a person has every right to die when they choose, they also have the right to choose life. However, if that life is sheer torment, would they choose suicide, assisted suicide or euthanasia if they could. That is a personal decision and nobody, not even the state has the right to intervene. “Those who think assisted suicide and euthanasia are immoral should not be forced to kill others (Gonchar, M, 2014).”

We put down sick or OLD animals all the time. Why can we decide their fate, but not our own. Assisted suicide would be the most humane choice for someone that is...

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