Everyman: Thou and Good Deeds

Topics: Thou, Virtue, Human, Plot / Pages: 6 (1442 words) / Published: Apr 13th, 2013
Everyman, a morality play, utilizes ten characters to guide Everyman on his journey towards death. Through the plot Everyman is chosen by god as an example to all humans. God feels unappreciated and is not happy with human obsession over material goods. Plot is used as a device to place events in sequence to make up a theme. Cause and effect is a tool of plot used in Everyman. The author uses Fictional and allegorical characters to help the protagonist learn a lesson. The author’s use of allegory in the protagonists name is used to represent him as all human kind. One can assume that the author’s use of allegory in the names of the friends who do not accompany Everyman are representations for the 7 sins. The thought of the play is a consistent message intended for the audience. The plot then leads Everyman to visit his friends in a plea for companionship on his journey to death. The author’s use of character development demonstrates how only a man’s virtuous actions remain with him when facing judgement. When a companion is discovered, it is the friend Everyman neglected most, Good Deeds. In order to strengthen Good Deeds Everyman must go to confession. Through each character the speaker is expressing how even family will not stand by a person going through a hardship; it is only a man’s kindness and generosity that will follow him to death. The plot leads the reader through each obstacle that Everyman faces, demonstrating how only good deeds will stay loyal until the end. Everyman utilizes character and plot to portray the message: when man is faced with a journey to the afterlife he must ensure his life was filled with good deeds, for man is only judged on good deeds when facing judgement day. The thought of Everyman is presented strongly throughout the play. Each step Everyman takes, and each person he visits affirms the message that when facing death good deeds are all that will be brought to the grave. The moral of the play never falters or changes. When

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