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Keion Adams
Everyman Summary
Dr. Farrell
Everyman is a late 15th century morality play which examines the goal of eternal life through the lens of Christianity using Bible terms as metaphorical characters. The play’s author is anonymous. It’s premise is that both good and bad actions have not only consequences in this life here on Earth, but are accounted for by God in the afterlife. This will determine Everyman’s fate as far as going to heaven or hell. The character Everyman, is a metaphorical representation of the entire human race, and Everyman is trying to improve upon himself and others during their time on Earth.

The Messenger has no specific role in the play but maps the outline for it. The characters in the play are as followed: Everyman, God, Death, Fellowship, Kindred, Cousin, Beauty, Strength, Knowledge, Confession, Angel, Goods and Good Deeds. God only appears in the beginning of the play, who happens to be very angry with humans and their behavior. So for this, God summons Death who is called God’s ‘mighty messenger”, to remind Everyman that he will die one day and will have to give an account of their life to God. Fellowship, Cousin and Kindred were once friends of Everyman who then deserted him. Cousin can represent someone who was “related” to Everyman and fellowship represented friendship for Everyman. These characters remind Everyman that despite your relationships on Earth, they’re all bound to break at some point. Knowledge guides Everyman throughout the play and helps him acknowledge his sins and wrongdoings. Knowledge also leads him to Confession, which allows him to repent for what he’s done. Beauty and Strength are a few of a second group of characters that desert Everyman in the play as well, which shows that even attributes, good or bad, cannot be taken with you once you die. Angel appears at the end to receive Everyman’s soul.

Everyman is frightened of Death throughout the...
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