Everyday Use Packet

Topics: Rhetoric, Logos Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Everyday Use Packet
Activity 1
When Randall talked to Brandon he appealed to logos. Randal used an appeal to logos when he said “You’ve been there, you know how important I am to the store.” Randall uses an appeal again when he says “I’m completely broke.” The way that Randall uses logos shows that he is trying to show his importance and therefore that he should be treated or helped because he is important. This creates the illusionary superiority fallacy because Randall is thinking of himself as higher up. Because of this fallacy, his friend Brandon refused to lend Randall the 1.50 he needed for bus fare to get to work. Later in the story, when Randall approaches Kim, he uses pathos to in a way establish ethos. The way Randall does this is when he tries to get into Kim’s emotions so she would feel happiness after hearing his compliments, then lend him the $1.50. Randall does this by saying “You light up my life and all that- you bring me bliss, love companionship. Why, just to be seen with you make me the envy of most guys in the school.” By using pathos to get Kim to trust him, Randall also shows a use of ethos. However, the attempt failed as Kim said “Oh Randall, all that buttering up for just a bus fare?” and failed to lend Randall any money. This shows that pathos can fail sometimes if used excessively, just like what Randall did. The last person that Randall asks for a bus fare is Nate. Randall uses ethos here when he says “You know me to be an honest, dependable guy, don’t you? Remember when we worked on the lab report together? I held up my end of the project, didn’t I? “ This use of ethos, which shows that Randall is a trustworthy and responsible person, also paired up with the past fact from Nate that Randall did help and was responsible in the lab report project, led a perfect use of ethos. Because of this ethos, Nate, who Randall doesn’t even know very well, decides to lend or check in he has $1.50 to lend to Randall....
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