Everyday Use by Alice Walker

Topics: Family, Alice Walker, Grandparent Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: April 16, 2012
I would like to share this wonderful story that I had chosen for my English class research‘s paper “Everyday use” by Alice Walker. The story of "Everyday Use” is about a single mother and her two daughters, Dee and Maggie. Dee is the family's proud. She is beautiful, smart and educated, on the other hand, Maggie is simple, low confident and her skin burned severely in a house fire. The author Alice Walker uses Mama as the narrator in the "Everyday Use" to describe these two characters, Maggie and Dee, to show us two different views of culture and tradition heritage during 1970's. My thoughts on the story were drawn from personal experience with my own grandmother’s by entrusting their granddaughters with valuable heritage connections. This story also taught me how to value more my family. I also like this story because applies to every young person, and especially to all the young women who do not attempt to understand to respect the women who made them. I enjoyed reading it and symbolized the life of a family that is learning what their heritage really is and how to use it. I love the person I have become and I often scorn my grandparents, in their education and values.

Today Most of us do not think about passing things down from one generation to another, either objects or traditions and I think is a valuable to understands the importance of cultural heritage and the story suggests that children should appreciate their heritage as it is passed down.
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