Everyday Use by Alice Walker

Topics: English-language films, Short story, Fiction Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Analyzing Characters in Fiction: Everyday Use by Alice Walker

Nathaniel Rodgers

English Comp. II

Professor Linda Loring

August 26, 2013

In this essay I will be analyzing the character in the Fiction Everyday Use by Alice Walker. This was is an excellent short story that takes place in the rural southern parts of America. The exact location of this story is not made known to the reader but subtle clues such as jargon used, description of the environment, and content of the conversation allows the reader to decipher the which geographical region of the world thee story is taking place in. Alice Walker’s story Everyday Use deals with the relationship between a mother and her two daughters Maggie and Dee. In this essay we will be examining the characters, analyzing how each person’s personalities and actions affects their relationships with their family. The first character we are introduced to in the story is the mother. Her character stands as the lead commentator to what is transpiring in the story being the view point for the reader. This fact alone gives us some insight into the personality of Mama; she is a strong mother and the leader of the household, the moral compass of the family giving insight into what ought to be done amongst the family. Mama is not described as a very beautiful woman by her own description she states, “In real life I am a large, big boned woman with rough, man working hands” (Walker. 1973). By no means do you find self-esteem or self-worth problems in Mama. Her honesty in the description of herself shows her love and acceptance of who she is and how she looks. Mama never had a formal education pass the second grade but she is a fierce worker who not only can but takes pride doing hard manual labor and can work as hard as her male counterparts. Mother is a static character because her strength never changes throughout the story. This strength is demonstrated throughout the story plays as the balance between the...
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