Everyday Use

Topics: Emotional insecurity, Family Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: April 23, 2012
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Compare and Contrast pre-writing
Character analysis
“Everyday Use”

I. Introduction
a. Attention Getter: Most people that are the first in their family to get an education always will try to make their family members feel inferior and want to take advantage of them in every way possible.

b. Preview of Points: This is exactly what happens in this story titled “Every day Use” by Alice Walker, in which Dee, Maggie, and her mother get into a dispute over some personal treasures that their mother had been passed down from past generations of their family. It all starts when they were little there was a house consuming fire in which only Dee and the mother made it out unharmed, in the other hand Maggie got scarred for life. Even though both sisters were born and raised in the same house they were very different from each other. Maggie was an insecure and easily intimidated person; in contrast her sister Dee was spoiled and inconsiderate with her family. Maggie stayed home to help her mom and continue a non productive life. Dee felt misplaced so she left to get an education. When Dee comes back all polished and educated she gets a different mindset of her family and its belongings, she now feels superior to them, and wants to take their things. She was not expecting her mom to take the side of Maggie on this one though.

c. Thesis Statement: “Everyday Use,” by Alice walker speaks about Maggie an easily intimidated and shy girl, and her sister Dee that is completely the opposite inconsiderate and ostentatious.

II. Character 1

A. Topic Sentence (Introduce author, story, character 1 and characteristic): Dee in this story is shown as an inconsiderate and ostentatious person.

a. Introduce detail 1: As the story states “the truth is,” I said, “I had promised to give them quilts to Maggie when she marries john Thomas.” “Maggie can’t appreciate these quilts!” she said “she’d probably be...
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