Everyday Life and Sociology

Topics: Reality television, Gender, Feminism Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: April 13, 2011
‘The everyday is anchored in a sense of home’.
Explain this statement with reference to ideas of routine, repetition and habit.

Rita Felski states that everyday life is experienced in a unique way. It is ‘anchored in a sense of home’ (DD201, Book 1 page 3). By this, she means that the everyday is connected and grounded by its relation to home. She also said that the everyday consists of repetitive behaviours, for example daily events like making meals, that we take the everyday for granted, as a habit. Home is a concept that is full of values and preconceived ideologies. It is socially constructed. Of course, it is a place where we dwell. But it is also where domestic ideologies romanticise the home as a haven from the outside world, where a family can be raised. Often the hidden realities are ignored that take place in the home. An example would be domestic violence. I intend to examine Felski’s statement about home and the everyday, in connection with gender and the media in particular, as well as looking at the views of Henri Lefebvre, who has a contrasting view to Felski and Roger Silverstone who addresses the place of the media in this.

Firstly it is necessary to put the place of the home in context. The home as we know it is a very recent development, which Tamara Hareven explains in ‘The home and the family in historical perspective’ (1993) in DD201 Book 1 Chapter 1 page 35. She offers an insight into the development of the home as a private space and she addresses how the home has become a place of gender inequality. She states that the separation of the home into a private space for a family was socially constructed and only apparent from the 18th and 19th century in the UK. Changes in society brought about by industrialisation and urbanisation led to the home becoming identified as a private haven.Domestic ideologies encouraged women to stay at home, except for at times of war. Therefore the home became a recognised as a female site and the...
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