Everybody Would Like to Be Rich and Famous

Topics: Person, Subject, Psychology Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: April 13, 2013
The question is: Would everybody like to be rich and famous? Obviouslly, we cannot generalize because every single person has a different opinion upon the subject. Subsequently I will analyse possible situations. I strongly believe that anybody on this earth would like to be rich, or at least aim to be. Why? Simply because having enough money makes us feel stable and contempt with our own lives. Successful people always seem to aim for the best. So if we aim for the stars , we will most probably end up on the moon or further. The statement „ Everybody would like to be famous „ is discussable( debateable).I consider that not everyone would actually like to be famous. Of course everybody enjoys being noticed but not many would like to sacrifice their personal life and peace just to be adored by a public. I would categorize People who would like to be famous into 2 types. The first type of people who simply enjoy recieving attention from others but would not necessarily be famous for a good reason. For example, people in reality shows. And the second type : people who have a professional career or are good at something and involuntarily become famous, like athletes, actors, singers, scientists, etc. Fame sometimes comes along with being successful and they have to cope with it weather they like it or not. As a summary I believe that the statement : „ Everybody would like to be rich and famous „ is extremely partial, and would like to replace it with „ Some people would like to be rich and famous”.
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