Every Teenager Should Have a Job

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Every Teenager Should Have a Job

The argument here is that every teenager should have an after school job, because it can help them learn many things about life. It will discuss the benefits of teenagers having after school jobs, and the many things that teens can learn from working. This argument also looks at the opposite view of why teens should not have jobs, and argues against those views.

Every Teenager Should Have a Job
In today’s society, many teenagers do not have any work ethic whatsoever. They do not know the value of a dollar, or what it takes to make money to buy their expensive wants and needs. Many teens start working as young as 14 years old, sometimes it is because they want to and sometimes it is because they need to. Regardless of the reason, it is very important for teens to obtain jobs early on, to help them learn what it takes to live a successful life. According to an Economic News Release, 16 to 24 year olds are working and actively seeking work between April and July every year. High school and college students seek summer jobs, and graduates seek permanent positions (bls.gov, 2013). Every teenager should have an after school job, so that they can learn about responsibility, obtain a work ethic, and learn how to manage money. Responsibility

The first reason teenagers should have an after school job is because it will help them learn about responsibility. Most long-term goals of Americans today involve responsibility, such as, having a career, family, vehicle, and home. Learning responsibility will help teens learn how to follow directions. There are many instructions that must be followed in the work force, and they are not an option, whereas at home the consequences of not following directions are little. Therefore, working will show teens that there are many different kinds of directions to follow in life, some may be optional, but most are required. Working...

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