Every Obstacle Can Be Turned Into an Opportunity

Topics: Southern United States, Native Americans in the United States, American Revolution Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: September 8, 2010
Every obstacle can be turned into an opportunity through perseverance and dedication. Human nature is associated with the stubbornness to succeed. For example, Harriet Tubman did not let any racial barriers overthrow her. Also, during the colonial period the colonists did not allow themselves to be dominated by the British. Another example is of Andrew Carnegie who headed the Carnegie Steel Industry in the nineteenth century. >>> Harriet Tubman, a famous African American women who was enslaved as a part of the terror reign of the slavery period did not allow herself to be forced to work in a cotton field all her life. She turned the obstacles into a gateway. Tubman befriended many Caucasians as she worked in the cotton fields. These Caucasians and black freeman helped her escape through the underground railroad. Not only did she grant her own freedom, breaking a barrier, but she helped many African Americans also relinquish their doubts that they could not be free. Harriet Tubman is an example of a person who used an enormous obstacle to her advantage. >>> Another example of turning an obstacle into an opportunity can be seen during the colonial period. The American colonists were tired of the British King's role in their personal society. Though the king held many powerful laws against them, such as legal charters, the colonists turned this around declaring that since they were the ones leading lives in America, while the king was hundreds of miles away, they should be able to dictate government for themselves, thus leading to the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a turning point in American history. This example demonstrates how the colonists used claims and laws the King of Britain used to keep power against him. >>> Another example is the classic rags to riches story of Andrew Carnegie, who created the Carnegie Steel Industry. He began working in a small factory and worked his way up the social ladder despite social stigmas. He went from a poor...
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