Every Living Creature on Earth Dies Alone

Topics: Donnie Darko, Cult film, Popular culture Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: November 19, 2013

Every Living Creature on Earth Dies Alone

Donnie Darko, released in 2001, did not do well in the box office. The director, Richard Kelly, brought the script to many producers before it landed on Drew Barrymore’s desk, who ended up playing a prominent role in the film. Kelly had a budget of $4.5 million, and on its first release, the movie only made back $515,000. Despite its rough beginnings, Donnie Darko raised one of the biggest cult followings since Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film was originally branded as a science fiction film, but was later categorized as a cult phenomenon. Donnie Darko is the best cult classic film because of its independence, comic absurdity, and mystery. The film is about a troubled teenager, Donnie, who is led out of his bedroom late one night by a six foot tall bunny with a demonic face. The bunny’s name is Frank. Frank tells him that the world will end in twenty eight days. While Donnie is being lured away by Frank in his sleep, a large jet engine falls through the roof of Donnie’s room, which would have killed Donnie if it wasn’t for his strange dream. As the next twenty eight days unfold, Donnie goes through a series of confusing and yet relevant activities with Frank as his leader. The audience is left wondering if Donnie is part of some greater purpose or if he is actually just insane. This complex plot is what developed such a big cult following and prompted the film to be the greatest cult classic of the century. Have you ever seen a movie so many times you’ve lost count? A cult classic is a movie a person can’t watch just one time. They know all the words, and show all of their friends. Most likely their children will see the movie, and even their grandchildren. Cult Classics, “contain a devout and dedicated following of people and in many instances, these films were not box office hits, but rather classics that draw one in and let you embrace in their appeal” (Original Buzz)....
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