every little things (japan)

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i forgot that i have made some essay about Japan
i couldnt find any because the file was deleted

i think its interesting when my teacher gave me that essay for our assignment in school you could tell by just looking at my files that i definitely love japan i've never gone there but i'm definitely looking forward to it

many many things made me love japan
especially their culture, romance, etc
but in my case, i love manga and animes
my everyday life is filled by animes mangas etc

well thats all i think .....=_=

ah but wait
if any of you have informations about great mangas or animes let me know :) thanksss

phew =_=

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

With all due respect to our honorable judges, the committee of this English Speech Contest, and all the audience here. First, let us all be grateful to God who has given us many mercies and blessings so we can all gather together here without any problems. In this chance, I would like to deliver my speech about “Go Green”

Nowadays, we have faced some crucial problems caused by the environment destructions. Illegal logging, protected animals hunting, and mines exploitations are only a few examples of the environment destructions done by human beings. But of course, everybody wants to live peacefully. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the world population is growing at a mindboggling rate. The world reached 1 billion people in 1800, 2 billion by 1922, and over 6 billion by 2000. It is estimated that the population will swell to over 9 billion by 2050. This means that if the world’s natural recourses were evenly distributed, people in 2050 will only have 25% of the resources per capita that people in 1950 had. As of today Americans...
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